One and a Half Years

It has now been almost 20  months since my surgery. Things are still going well. I took a plane trip to California without any incidents. I’ve heard about some people have problems because of the cabin pressure. My vision improvement seems to be pretty stable now. I haven’t had any more stitches removed since the first few months after surgery. My doctor said that he wanted to keep them in since I haven’t had any problems with broken stitches or infection. I am seeing him now about every three months. He says that everything is looking good. There are no signs of rejection and everything looks fine. I am still seeing in the 20/40 to 20/50 range in my left eye.

After a year, I still get questions from friends and family about the surgery and how my eyes are doing. I tell them that vision is better, but not as good as I hoped it would be. While it’s great to be able to see better, things are still not very sharp. While the distortion used to be a lot more, almost like a circular blob, the distortion that I see now with glasses is almost like a letter V. If I look at a point of light, like a stop light, I see a bunch of lights overlapped. My glasses bring these lights closer together, which allows me to see the object more clearly, but because they aren’t brought all the way together these object is still fuzzy.

Hopefully my vision continue to improve. I still have a difficult time driving at night and seeing things at a distance. But I can see many things more clearly. I can see the score of the game on TV without having to ask my wife. I can read close-up text better with my left eye than I can with my non-surgical eye. I haven’t had any problems with infection, rejection or broken stitches. I feel blessed to be able to see better!

One Year

It has been a while since I’ve posted. Everything has been going well. It’s amazing to think that it’s been a year since my surgery. Here’s an update since my last post way back in Month 9. I’ve had no more incidents since the issue in November. I noticed my vision, especially the under 3-foot distance, improving. One thing that I use as a reference point is the logo in the center of my car’s steering wheel. Initially it was difficult for me to see the logo clearly, but over time I have been able to see the letters more clearly. What has made a huge improvement was finally being able to get fitted for glasses. The glasses have corrected the vision in my left eye from 20/300 pre-surgery to around 20/40. I was expecting coke bottle glasses, but surprisingly they were not much thicker than my right lens.  My vision isn’t perfect, but it gives me greater depth perception and the ability to actually read things like street signs. I have also taken the kids to see a couple of 3-D movies and was able to see the effect.

My doctors reduced the number number of times I take the Lotemax drops. I’m now taking them once every two days. It takes time to get used to the decrease. I find my eyes to be a little dry and sticky toward the end of that second day. The glasses make such a difference. One of these days I might try contacts again, since I was told that this will probably be the only way to correct my vision more. I just don’t like the idea of putting things in my eyes again.