One More Incident

A few days after my sutures were removed I was feeling a lot better. I was able to play a round of golf that Saturday and had a very busy Sunday. My the end of the day Sunday, I was tired. I stayed up a little later than I should have watching Sunday Night Football. On Monday, my eyes felt tired and were a little red. Monday night I stayed up a little late again, this time watching the news about the government shutdown. By Tuesday morning, my eyes were a little red and as the day went on left eye stayed red and started feeling a little worse. I went out for lunch, and that was when I noticed a little light sensitivity. I know that these are the symptoms to look out for, but I pushed through and just wanted to get to the end of the day so that I could go home and rest.

By the time I left work, I discovered that the light sensitivity was severe. I called Dr. Chow’s office during the drive home and spoke with the after-hours doctor. Given the symptoms, he said that I should go to the emergency room immediately. He told me to ask to see the Opthalmology resident to avoid getting the run-around from “regular” doctors and nurses. By the time I checked in, it felt like someone had stuck a needle in my eye. I just wanted to sit in a dark room.

About an hour after I arrived I was able to see the Opthalmology resident. He checked and rechecked my eyes. The bright lights were painful. It was so bad that shining a light in my good eye made my bad eye hurt! The “best” part was when he used the lens that looks like a magnifying glass to examine the back of my eye with a bright light. I can still feel that one :(

After the exam was completed and after he spoke with the after-hours doctor, I was diagnosed with Iritis, inflammation of the iris. Luckily, my cornea was in good shape and there was no infection. I was prescribed Pred Forte (the steroid drops that I took after the surgery), Homatropine (used to dilate the eye for comfort) and Erythromycin (an ophthalmic ointment). By the next morning, the redness and pain were gone. I want in to see Dr. Chow a couple of days later and things looked good. I’ll be on the Pred Forte for a month. Danger averted.

My lessons from this incident… stop staying up so late, and go to the doctor immediately if my eyes are red or if I notice light sensitivity.

Uh Oh… a Suture Broke

I haven’t written a post  in while. As they say, no news is good news. Everything had been going well for the most part. My vision has been pretty stable and I’ve seen slight improvements in my vision during eye exams. I got my last pair of glasses in March. I didn’t find glasses that I liked at my optometrist’s office, so I ordered a couple pairs from They did a surprisingly good job filling the prescription. With such a high index, I didn’t know what to expect. One of the pairs had Transitions lenses, which tint in sunlight. I wasn’t sure how I would like not having control over the tint, but those has worked out well. I always seem to lose or break the snap-on sunglasses that came with past frames. The Transitions lenses haven’t been an annoyance when moving indoors, which was a concern. I only wish they tinted a little darker, and a little quicker.

Now, on to the incident. This past Sunday, I started to feel some irritation in my left eye. It felt a lot like I had an eyelash in my eye. Monday during work, my eye was still watering. I bought some wetting drops, but I still felt the irritation. My eye was also starting to get a little red. By Tuesday morning I know it was time to see Dr. Chow. I scheduled an emergency appointment and he was able to see me later that morning. He poked around in my eye and noticed that one suture was loose. He decided to remove two of the sutures on the left side, about a 30 second procedure. I could tell as soon as he was done that the main source of the irritation was gone.

This was my first broken suture. I had a feeling about what was going, since some of the stories I read mentioned the sensation I was feeling. I was a little concerned because the stories mentioned the sutures don’t always come out cleanly or can become buried in the graft. My transplant took place more than 3 years ago, so I was expecting the worst. During the procedure I felt a little tug, but no pain and no other issues.

I went home and took a long nap. When I woke up I felt a lot better.